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Treasure of the country----Si Muwu Ding, the ancient cooking vessel



One day in the 14th century B.C. one great emperor was leading his people, to the place with fertile land called "Yin" along the Huanghe River valley. Just because of this magnificent feat, a rich,strong and prosperous Shang Dynasty was doomed to last for several hundred years.


Shang Dynasty was rich and populous. There were a great quantity of goods exchanged on the bazaar, People of the time had formed the earliest transaction crowd , "businessman" was one word from it.


The copper Ding (a tripod with two handles)was the most important sacrificial vessel.


When mentioned about the copper Ding, people would first think about regime and country. The copper Ding was the symbol of Chinese culture.


Meanwhile, it was also the status representative of the aristocrat .


According to the ancient system which said that the emperor had nine Ding, seigneur seven, premier five, bachelor three or one. In addition, the copper Ding was also the symbol of the regime. Zuo Zhuan, the Annals of Zuo,said,For the emperor of Xia dynasty had the dim morals, the Ding was transferred to Shang dynastyFor Shang dynasty was brutal, the Ding was transferred to Zhou dynasty”.  



Mostly, the copper Ding was round with three legs, but also had the four-legged one. Si Muwu, the copper Ding was the most well known Ding with four legs.



Si Muwu Ding was made approximately from 14th B.C. to 11th  B.C. , which is the most greatly heaviest and the most ancient bronze.


Its height is 133 centimeters, caliber length 110 centimeters, caliber width 79 centimeter, weight 832.84 kilogram. It is huge and vigorous, on its abdomen which was casted with “Si Muwu” 3 characters; It got the name because it was founded by Emperor Zugeng or Zujia for sacrificial offering his mother.


Si Muwu Ding was firstly founded its body and the legs for the whole, the two ears were installed later.


The casting of such a big copperware  needed the metals above 1000 kilograms, also must have the big furnace. According to the mensuration, Si Muwu Ding contained copper 84.77%, the tin 11.64%, the lead 2.79%, which matched case with the ancient records.


Si Muwu Ding had standing ears,square abdomen, and empty legs. It was decorated with different beautiful lines except the rectangle parts of its four sides.


Above the compact Yun-lei(cloud & thunder) veins, various part of main decorative design were in each shape.


Around the body of Si Muwu Ding, Haoxiang(a gluttonous beast) was the main decorative design, while on the interface point of its four sides, door leaf  arris could be seen. Above the door leaf was the cow head, below was the Haoxiang(a gluttonous beast) .


Two tigers crouching near the ears of Si Muwu Ding contained the head of people in the mouses. Beside the ears of Si Muwu Ding, fish veins could be seen as a decoration. The veins design of the four legs of Si Muwu Ding were also unique, on three string veins, the animal masks were carved. All decorations above incarnated shows the supremacy of the emperors of Shang Dynasty.


According to the textual research, Si Muwu Ding should be the treasure of the royal court.Its style, the decorative design, the craft had achieved the extremely high level., Si Muwu Ding fully showed the scale of production and the technical level of bronze casting in Shang Dynasty. It’s representative works of the Shang Dynasty at its bronze culture crest time.


Si Muwu Ding was firstly resurrected from Wu family cypress graveyard,, Northwest Gang(hillock), Houjia village in March, 1939.


The antique dealer offered the high price 200,000 silver dollar,which approximated 20,000,000 Renminbi Yuan nowadays, to purchase it. because of its huge size, they asked the grave robbers to dismember and transport it.


Facing 200,000 silver dollars, the grave robbers did their best to saw the Si Muwu Ding. But after using more than 20 hacksaws, they had not been able to saw even a leg, the antique dealer had to give up.


The grave robbers planed to break open it to sell the waste copper which cost them about half of the night to cut down only one ear of the Ding, Suddenly came the strong gale, the lightning with thunders, the grave robbers thought they had enraged the heaven,they all one kneels begged for mercy with one kneels, after the lightning subsided, they buried Si Muwu Ding hurriedly in the original grave.

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